25 September - 28 September

Jewelry and precious metal wares. Clocks and wrist-wa tches. Small plastic arts. Diamonds, nonferrous precious and semiprecious stones. Pearls and pearls wares. Bijouterie. Articles made of precious m...

Festival of craftsmen and artists of Russia-2014
25 September - 28 September

Carving and painting on wood, silk, metal. Art processing of glass, crystal and ceramics. Painting on the skin, bark, lacquer. Lace. Embroidery, Ceramics, porcelain and earthenware, Pert, felt. Art me...

21 October - 27 October

Cloisters, temples, special programs, charity, pilgrimage and spiritual centres. Hand-written, carved and embroidered Russian orthodox icons. Icons in precious hot enamel settings. Enamel icons. Relig...

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The Award Russian National Olymp 2002
The Award Russian National Olymp 2002

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