26 March - 28 March

International Competition for meat, fish and dairy products. Healthy food: organic food, functional food for health and sports, bio-additives; "Lose Weight Together" - centers, programs and ...

4 May - 5 May

  Manufacturers, suppliers and nurseries planting material for indoor and outdoor gardening. Landscape and architectural design. Small architectural forms. Decorative fountains, pools, ponds. Decorative...

Real Estate Fair in Sochi-2015
4 May - 5 May

Full range of services for realty sale and purchase: consulting on objects choosing, evaluation, bargain legal backing, notarial service, lawers service. Realty agencies, individual realtors. A...

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22 March - 24 March
XIV Exhibition of food products

International Competition for meat, fish and dairy products. Healthy food: organic food, functional food for health and sports, bio-additives; "Lose Weight Together" - centers, programs and tools for weight correction and rehabilitation; amino acid, and high-protein foods kreatinosoderzhaschie. Meat and meat products. Meats. Bird, Egg. Dairy products. Cheeses. Ice Cream. Grocery. Grain products. Pasta. Condiments, spices. Vegetable fats. Juices, water. Non-alcoholic beverages. Frozen food. Semi-finished products. Confectionery products. Snacks. Nuts, dried fruits. Bakery products. Mini bakeries. Fish and seafood. Tea. Coffee. Canned food. Ketchup, sauces. Baby food. Honey and bee products. The equipment for the food industry. Tara. Packing. Warehouse. Logistics. Contracts for direct supplies from manufacturers of food products for spa industry.
Conference "Environment-friendly products." Organizer: Rosselkhoznadzor. The contest "organic food - the guarantee of health." Russia, Sochi, grand hotel Zhemchuzhina

The exhibition is invariably held with the support of the Department of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Krasnodar region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the city of Sochi, the Municipal Administration of the city of Sochi, the All-Russian Furniture Association Furniture-makers of Russia

Basic exhibition sections:
Eco-friendly products: dairy, meat, poultry & fish products. Butter. Sunflower-seed oil. Cheese. Sausages, smoked meat, semi-prepared meat and fish products. Eggs. Sugar. Frozen products. Sea products. Diabetic products: soybean meat, milk and cream. Gluten-free products, milk & egg-free products. Dietetic confectionery. Products for vegetarian diet: vegetables, fruit, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, dried bread, muesli, dietary fiber, bran, fructose. Water & beverage: oxygen-enriched. Mineral water. Natural fresh juices, fruit drinks, nectars. Herbal mixtures & tea. Baby food: mixtures, vegetable, fruit & meat puree. Honey & honey products: royal jelly, pollen, wax & bee glue. Sports nutrition: dietetic protein enriched & carbohydrates cocktails. Biological food additives. Sports energizing drinks. Weight control means. Amino-acid products. Highly protein-enriched products. Kreatine-enriched products. Energizing bars. Beauty & health goods. Packing & containers. Logistics.

Exhibition venue: the city of Sochi, exhibition hall at the Hotel Zhemchuzhina***

Born in 1998, the exhibition of foodstuff won a reputation as a milestone spring event in the city of Sochi.

Not only the food producers, suppliers, caterers and trade companies wait for this exhibition every year, but also the citizens and guests of the summer Capital of Russia from year to year wait for the exhibition of foodstuff with impatience!

No doubt, one of the most important factors promoting the development and economic growth of our country in general and of the Krasnodar region in particular is regular exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge in the named sphere. As both the national and international practice shows, the best way for such exchange is the exhibition that gives the opportunity to establish business relations and to conclude profitable contracts and deals; to hold consultations and to estimate competitiveness of goods and services; to determine how the sphere itself should be operated in the nearest future and to confirm the development strategy of its companies & enterprises; to strengthen mutually beneficial trade & economic relations. Participation in our exhibition is definitely the key to your future success!

You are welcome to participate in our exhibition!

We are ready to discuss your proposals for cooperation!

Contact information: +7 (8622) 62-11-02; 62-10-26; 62-30-15; 62-25-38; 62-31-79; 62-32-55


  • Department of an agriculture and process industry of Krasnodar Region
  • Commercial and industrial chamber of Krasnodar Region
  • Administration of municipal formation city Sochi
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sochi


The Award Russian National Olymp 2002
The Award Russian National Olymp 2002

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